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Ben Miller Founder of Ben's Pretzels


Ben's Soft Pretzels are made from an Amish-inspired recipe and baked-fresh in each one of our bakeries every day. With no harsh-preservatives, our pretzels are hand-rolled and baked fresh throughout the day. Do you want to know what our secret ingredient is? It's L-O-V-E and you will taste it baked into each bite! 

We believe in using the finest ingredients available which is why we import special pretzel salt from Germany!


Our Jumbo Soft Pretzel is nearly a half-pound of buttery goodness and pairs well with our eleven gourmet dipping sauces! Our Bake 'N Shake toppings let you further customize your pretzel flavor. Click here to learn more about our menu



Amish-inspired and oh-so-delicious, the story of how Ben's Soft Pretzel's grew from it's humble farmer's market beginnings to one of the fastest growing quick-serve food companies in the US is quite remarkable. You may even consider it to be divine providence. We absolutely do. 

In 2003, Scott Jones (Ben's Pretzels Co-Founder and CEO) was in Amish Country, Indiana conducting ministry visits with a fellow parishioner. Upon getting lost in the countryside, he was pointed in the direction of the Amish Homestead of Ben and Liz Miller (Ben's Pretzels Co-Founders). Ben and Liz invited Scott into their home to give him proper directions to his destination, warm, fresh cookies, and the start of what would be a life-long, prosperous friendship. Learn more about our story here.


Pretzel Bakeries

We currently have more than 75 bakeries in 8 states - and growing! Click here to view a list of our current locations. Our locations include bakeries inside Wal-Mart, Meijer, regional shopping malls, sporting venues, and stand-alone locations! 

Would you like to own a Ben's Pretzels yourself? Franchising opportunities are currently available with prime real estate locations. Click here to learn more about our franchising opportunities. 



Here at Ben's Soft Pretzels our team is our family! We are a family-friendly business that believes that families who work together are stronger and more close-knit. We believe in hard work and in the blessings of the Lord. Learn more about WHY we do that we do. 

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